Garmin 520 bundel

3 of 4 customers found this review cream helpful. Pro The garmin Edge 520 computer and bundle is a great value. The edge 520 is loaded with features every cyclist will use. Con The garmin Edge 520 does not have a trip distance data field. Only total odometer reading which is a big negative for. Reviewed 1/7/2017 Was this review useful to you? Good computer 3 of 4 customers found this review helpful. Couldn't see the screen very well. Have to keep the back ground light. Set screen brightness.

garmin 520 bundel

Premium hr and tf speed sensor

The old 500 didn't have such problems. I dont' know what the difference. But the 520 is not as good for me in this respect. The computer is great.just don't expect it to be easy to see the display in bright sunlight. Reviewed 1/19/2018 Was this review useful to you? Amazing and provides all the metrics for my goji rides and synchs easily with my iphone. Easy synchronization with mobile devise and provides all stats that I need. Reviewed 6/29/2017 Was this review useful to you? Great product Nicest bike computer i've ever owned, does it all and more. Reviewed 12/8/2017 Was this review useful to you? Great computer for the money.

garmin 520 bundel

great except that the unlit contrast is not adjustable. I stepped up from a garmin 500. The display was smaller, but I could see. Riding in the sunlight with sunglasses and I cannot see the display. It's back in a shadow. I could look across to the rider's 520 next to me and it was easily visible. I could read his, but because of Sun angle, couldn't read my own.

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Garmin, edge 520, bundle incl

At first I wondered why it isn't a touch screen for the price but the buttons work great in all weather conditions. After each ride or cream indoor training session it is very rewarding to immediately get the prompt on my phone and ipad from both Strava and Garmin Connect saying my ride data is ready to view. Never thought I would get into the whole heart rate craze but it has truly taken my training to new levels. Reviewed 1/17/2017 Was this review useful to you? Best of the garmins Edge 520 is more straight forward bike computer than other touch screen based models. I find touch screen very difficult to use while riding. It was easy to setup with a road bike and a mountain bike. It switches between two bikes with no fuss. The computer recognizes two sets of speed and cadence sensors with no issues. I'm very happy with the choice. Reviewed 8/29/2017 Was this review useful to you? Love it Easy to use.

Now to get add a power meter to the mix. Reviewed 1/12/2018 Was this review useful to you? Powerful bike computer that brings strava to life. The Edge 520 turns your world into a video game. It's super intuitive to use, great app to connect to my fine, and delivers interesting insights about my rides. Reviewed 2/24/2017 Was this review useful to you? 1 of 1 customers found this review helpful. Having fully searched and researched other options I figured the Edge 520 was way more computer than I needed. Yet I decided to take a leap and spend the money. I am so glad I did! I am just getting back into serious riding again after a 25 year lay off and the Edge 520 is one more exciting motivation to get on the bike. Installation of sensors and computer mount and customized view setup was a breeze plus function is very intuitive.

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Reviewed 4/26/2018 Was this review useful to you? Yes / no thank you for your feedback. Works as advertised After years resisting getting a garmin, i relented. Customizing screens is easy and, unlike some other bike computers, can be set to show a lot of data ike slope me cadence without showing speed and becoming a slave to your computer. Also, easier to read than the cateyes creme Id been using. Worth the extra expense. Reviewed 4/16/2018 Was this review useful to you? Living in Nebraska riding outdoors year-round, it was important to me that my new computer had real buttons. Due to size features I wanted with a hr, speed, cadence bundle, it came down to the 520 or the wahoo elemnt Bolt. Frankly, although the bolt pushes it's aero look advantages, the 520 was the better dealespecially considering having to buy the out-front mounts. So far the 520 has proven to live up to the reviewsno fuss, functional, reliable. I'm most pleased with. garmin 520 bundel

Not sure what else i could ask for! After 6 years of using my garmin Edge 500, i decided to upgrade to the 520 bundle. Excuse - my son needed my 500 ). The gpx function is polish awesome. I took a trip to belgium, used the Knooppunt website, uploaded route into my Edge 520 and voila - instant navigation expertise! Compared to Edge 500, hr strap is better, gps connection better, all faster, great battery life. Was considering the 800, 1000 series. 520 is definitely the best for. Reviewed 7/14/2017, was this review useful to you? Nice garmin product, relatively easy to use well wouldn't you know the new upgraded version came out 2 weeks after I got this one. Works great but once in a while it just turns itself off. I guess everyone knows Garmin always has bugs.

Garmin, edge 520, bundle - gps nation

Having speed, distance, elevation, heart rate and more is a very good thing. My main complaints are three-fold control buttons, start-stop, and set-up. 1) Control buttons - can be cumbersome at times, are sometimes hard to 'get' on the first baume push, sometimes scrolling can be a pain in the ass to get where you want to get, touch screen sure would be nice! 2) Start-stop - having to push the 'start' button to begin the timer, then stop it at the end or, worse yet, during a break, is a pain in the a-double-S. Having it auto-startstop would sure be nice. 3) Set-up - the manual included doesn't do much to help get you going, you have to go on-line and even then, the on-line help is lacking at times, connecting with Strava takes a bit of work. Okay, i guess I need to sit down and take the time to really figure it all out, but get ready for some definite initial set-up time, if you've never had a garmin-typed device before (like me this can seem a bit daunting. Would I recommend it? But if you have a friend who can help you out at the beginning, don't be shy! You'll be glad you did. Was this review useful to you? Yes no, thank you for your feedback.

garmin 520 bundel

When all is said and done, bluetooth pairing also makes it easy to automatically upload your ride straight to garmin Connect without having to plug into a computer. Additional connectivity options include compatibility with Shimano di2 electronic shifting, garmin virb cameras, and Garmin Varia smart Lights and Radar. Measures.9.9.8. Claimed weight is. Battery life is rated at 15 hours. Waterproof to the ixp7 standard. In the box: Garmin 520 gps cycling Computer, heart Rate monitor, cadence sensor. Speed Sensor, standard and Extended mounts, usb cable. Tether, manuals, note: Use of Strava live segments requires a subscription to Strava's Premium membership in order to download segments to the device. Ordered by most Relevant First high 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 stars (10) (4) (1) (0) (0) (67) (27) (7) (0) (0 add your own review, great multi-functionality - missing some key features, though. The Edge 520 is a good multi-function computer that's been a big help to me on rides for the past month since i got.

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This is the garmin we've all been waiting for. The garmin Edge 520, with.3 of vibrant high-resolution color screen, features enhanced mapping capabilities, text and call notifications from your phone, and topping it all off, integrated Strava live segment functionality so you can complete segments and follow your progress in real time. Talk about taking virtual racing to a whole new level. The new display provides clarity in all lighting conditions, and with the 520, garmin has gone back to tactile wrinkle buttons instead of a touch screen for a simpler and more consistent interface. This Edge 520 Bundle includes a heart rate strap, speed sensor, and cadence sensor so you'll have all the information you need right in front of you. The Edge 520 adds Garmin's Basemaps for basic full-color maps of the surrounding area, and it's also compatible with more detailed third-party maps so no longer will you have to try and connect the dots like with the previous free-floating routes on the Edge 500. Like always, the use of both gps and glonass satellite reception minimizes interruption in tracking, even under tree cover, for accurate navigation and recording. When connected to an ant heart rate monitor and power meter, the Edge 520 also calculates VO2 max and recovery information as well as ftp tracking and wattage. Use with Garmin's Vector power meter pedal systems opens up additional metrics with Cycling Dynamics, providing left / right specific power, pedal stroke efficiency, and more. The Edge 520 is also compatible with ant capable indoor trainers for riding at a set power or automatically adjusting the trainer's resistance based on a preloaded elevation profile. Bluetooth smartphone pairing allows for text and call notifications right on the Edge 520's display, and live tracking makes it easy for friends and family to follow you along on your ride from their desktop.

Garmin 520 bundel
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