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The spring 2017 collection for men includes two new lines, a minimalist range in smooth calfskin and another in grained taurillon leather. More sporty items include a backpack made from Kudu antelope suede and updated canvas designs with pops of color, one of the houses signatures in its womens collections. Weve added lots of color, which was less the case in the mens designs before, to add a touch of fantasy, delafontaine said. There will also be an exclusive line for the new mens boutique inspired by delafontaines grandfathers designs from the seventies. Longchamps Paris flagship is undergoing renovations and will reopen in August in an expanded space of nearly 6,000 square feet, up from 2,700. It will include a whole floor for the brands ready-to-wear and footwear lines. Across the road, more than 2,000 square feet will be dedicated to mens collections, with an offer including gloves, scarves, belts and mens shoes, which the brand is introducing this fall, as well as its broader leather goods offer. Cheap Longchamp Bags, longchamp Handbags Outlet, longchamp Outlet, longchamp uk, replica handbags 3rd September 2017 admin Lets be real for a second and acknowledge that 99 percent of Kate middletons royal wardrobe is pretty inaccessible to us normal people. She is, after all, a princess with a princesss budget! But, surprisingly, one of the duchess favorite accessories has been (and will likely always be) a replica longchamp handbags tote bag which, frankly, is a bit more affordable for the masses. In praxis fact, you could probably run out right now and buy the same one kate has! More: Kate middleton Is Rushed to the hospital, world Freaks out and Thinks Shes Pregnant Kates obsession with the colorful, nylon, longchamp outlet le pilage totes — which retail for 145 — goes back several years. In fact, one of the earliest times she was photographed carrying one was back in november 2005 during a holiday shopping spree with her mother, carole middleton, in London.

make up outlet uk

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We had to make some compromise. As I said, the market is ready and the customers are here, there is no doubt about. Its more of a matter of having the right place. Cheap Longchamp Bags, longchamp Handbags Outlet, longchamp Outlet, longchamp uk 10th September 2017 admin Whoever said replica longchamp was a womens brand? The parisian label, founded in 1948, is putting a greater focus on its masculine roots and has set the opening of its first mens store for October this year, right opposite its flagship on rue saint-Honoré. The house of cheap Longchamp started in a masculine universe, creative director Sophie delafontaine, granddaughter of the labels founder jean Cassegrain, explained at the brands first mens presentation on Thursday. It was originally a tobacconist, and my grandfather started working with leather by making leather-clad pipes before developing a range of goods around the smoking world, then desk items and mens leather goods. Luggage came next in the late sixties and early seventies, and the first womens bag only launched at the end mask of the seventies, delafontaine said. From then on, the womens business became the focus. We really wanted to put the focus back on men, she continued. We have been reworking the mens collections for the past few seasons. The brand has also been working on dedicating spaces to mens lines in its boutiques around the world, said Delafontaine.

make up outlet uk

light and sophisticated was to mix very nice leather—the russian leather we use for the flap—and the nylon, which is very easy, solid, resistant, but also still light and foldable. That was 20 years ago, and it has since become a very fast and very wide success. The good thing about the bag is that its really accepted by a very wide diversity of women: from schoolgirl to the very high-end luxury woman. . we have many customers from Chanel and Hermes; they are also very pleased with our Longchamp bag. As one could say, you can find in an airline, in an economy class, business class, and in first class, which is very true—weve been here for 20 years, and see how successful the Pliage still. Do you also use the Pliage when you travel as well? I have the Pliage leather in dark brown. Mens fake handbags are a growing category. Why didnt you introduce a few mens replica handbags as well? Again, its really because of the space issue. We do have the full mens bags travel line but we do need space, and we just dont want to have them lost in a womens environment.

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It is much more structured, modern, fashionable. It has the details and shape of the Pliage nylon, but in a very rigid light. How many Pliage bags do you produce in a day? Well, it takes less than 15 minutes (to assemble aging one Pliage). We still own the largest leather manufacturer in France and we openly invite people to see the way we manufacture our product. They like very much to go see the Pliage nylon because we have to produce it very fast, making sure that the quality is always there and that every single bag is perfect. So one of these days, you could come over and see whats (happens) behind, and you will see that it takes a lot of a experience and expertise. Can you tell us a little bit about the bags history? Philippe cassegrain, a second generation member of Longchamps founding family, designed the bag. I would say he was a very practical person—practical but chic—and he was traveling a lot.

What is its enduring appeal that makes people continue to buy it? The Pliage nylon is a phenomenal success as we have sold an estimation of more than 20 million pieces since its launch. It is still a very, very popular item. So why do people still buy it? Every season we propose new seasonal and unique colors, which remain in the spirit and the theme of the collection. We still also sell classic common-known colors as well. But what is interesting is that we launched the Pliage cuir last year, which is what you have there and is what the models are wearing. The Pliage leather is quite popular—it is going by very fast. You have people who were customers for the Pliage nylon switching to the Pliage leather. I think it is a different bag, but why is it a very nice evolution? The Pliage leather comes with a strap that you can carry cross-body, which is a bit more of a cooler profile. Last but not least, we have the new Pliage heritage.

make up outlet uk

We just opened up the store, so we want to be right with the customer and understand whether they are familiar with the ready-to-wear, if it is something that will be interesting to them in the future. I hope in one, or even in a few years, we can come back for the opening of a new store, bigger with all the new products in all categories. We can see that the filipino people really like to dress, they really like to do make-up, they really like the trendy and luxury accessories, so there is no reason why the ready-to-wear will not be accepted here. Given the Pliages popularity, what are you doing to fight the counterfeit industry that has risen because of it? Were actually doing a lot of things because of course we have a lot of counterfeit products. In a way, it comes because of the popularity, so we can also see it in a positive way, to see that we are okay. But it is a huge business; (counterfeit) is a huge market, and we have a department that is totally dedicated to (monitoring piracy). I can tell you they are busy 8 oclock in the morning to very late everyday! The Pliage is undoubtedly one of your most popular styles. Its one of those designs that is so ridiculous because everyone has one.

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We actually like this (location) because as we can see, its really in the main traffic flow. The country has a very nice economy, which was also very important for. We think that the Philippine people really have an appetite for the industry; this is the right opportunity weve been waiting for, and its been great. The longchamp flagship store in Hong Kong has the brands complete line, including the clothes and shoes. When do you think all that will arrive in the Philippines? Its a question that many people have been asking us for the past two days. We have a bit of a size issue—we could have sold well, but we would have needed a bigger space. . The store is only 60 square meters and we have to make some nivea choices. . so we decided that with this space, we would only propose the womans cheap handbags and accessories, but at least most of those collections. Personally, im very confident about introducing the ready-to-wear collection. make up outlet uk

If I cannot walk in them, theyre discarded. Theres nothing worse than wearing 10- or 12-centimetre heels and being unable to walk. Cheap Longchamp Bags, longchamp Handbags Outlet, longchamp Outlet, longchamp uk 17th September 2017 admin, the, longchamp outlet, le Pliage gets a bad rap for being basic, a term ascribed to the preferences of women who like to play it safe. In that case, almost every woman quick reading this could be described as basic because have you tried toting this bag around? Its rain-proof, scratch-proof, and carry five heavy bottles of champagne if you need it to, all while being light, packable, and low-maintenance. Now, what seems to be the entire universes go-to buddy has officially landed on Philippine shores, thanks to the opening of Longchamps first exclusive stand-alone boutique in the country. Thats right, you heard me: you can now get first dibs at the replica longchamp, le Pliage in all its colorful, leathery, and utilitarian glory, along with the rest of the complete seasonal collection for womens replica handbags, without having to make pabili any longer. titasofManila, rejoice!) 10k filipinos may be affected by rescinded us immigration policy—dfaan estimated 10,000 Filipinos may be affected by the United States new immigration policy, the department of Foreign Affairs formido said on Wednesday. At the boutiques opening yesterday, we got to steal a few minutes with cheap Longchamp, general Manager for Asia and Pacific François-xavier severin to know more about the Pliages enduring popularity, the new collection, plus his thoughts on Filipina fashion. Longchamp outlet uk has long been a mainstay in the Philippine market, what made you decide to open a stand-alone boutique just now? If we could have done it earlier, we would have done. We were waiting for the right opportunity and right location availability—which definitely wasnt easy.

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Elle: Its also that, like indians, the French respect the process of hoeveel ageing. SD: Yes, i think that every age is beautiful. Every wrinkle is a part of my life, and i am not unhappy to be who i am today. This is the type of woman i am trying to reach—the kind who is confident enough to feel comfortable in her life. Elle: For many years, male designers dominated fashion, even though the industry is geared towards selling to women. Now that there are more women in positions of power, do you feel it has impacted the business? SD: Male designers are very creative—if we are speaking of Karl Lagerfeld, Christian dior, Cristóbal Balenciaga—but their perception of the woman is really the myth of the woman. Female designers really work more for women with shape, not just some tall, thin girl. We want to move, work, be able to drive a car. Sometimes, you have a collection where you cant even move; the replica shoes are beautiful but difficult to walk. Every pair of shoes I design, i try them myself.

make up outlet uk

Elle: How has the barbarum way women approach dressing changed since you entered fashion? SD: Twenty years ago, bags were functional. In Europe, women had a black bag for winter, and a navy blue or beige one for summer. Different countries had different tastes: German women liked big bags with long straps, japanese women wanted tiny replica handbags. But today, i am not speaking to one nationality, but to the spirit of the woman: she is confident and multifaceted, and constantly multitasking. So, the product needs to follow her life. Elle: Tell us about the legendary style of the parisian woman. What can the world learn from her approach to fashion? SD: laughs i am Parisian, but I dont really think we are special. But if I compare us with women in the us or uk, i would say that we appreciate fashion in a more discreet way. In other countries, they will have a total look, a focus on brand logos. Maybe the effect of this discretion is that Parisian women seem naturally elegant, even though there is a lot of hard work behind.

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Cheap Longchamp Bags, longchamp Handbags zweefparasol Outlet, longchamp Outlet, longchamp uk 24th September 2017 admin, born into the clarins cheap Longchamp fortune, sofie delafontaine is anything but an entitled heiress. On her first visit to India to launch their flagship store in Mumbai, the brands artistic director reveals exactly why we need more women making the big decisions. Elle: This is a brand you were literally born into. What was it like growing up? Sophie delafontaine: Were a family of workaholics. Watching my parents and grandparents gave me a sense of their work ethic and patience early. We trust each other because we have the same values and ambitions. Elle: Was it always understood that you would have to work your way up? SD: my mother, both grandmothers, even my great-grandmother all worked at a time when it was uncommon for women from good families to do anything other than be housewives and take care of the family. For me, having a career came naturally. I have three kids and its important for them to have a mother who is self-confident and happy to achieve things.

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Our new purpose built facility centrally located houses modern grading equipment that ensures fast processing and sorting times.

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Nathans Wastesavers founded in 1903 are one of the uks largest textile recycling companies. Over 250 people sort, grade and process over 600 tonnes of textile material every week. We are committed to creating and protecting jobs in the uk and export our recycled products to Africa, asia and Eastern Europe. We work closely with national and local charity organisations, local authorities and waste management companies on a national basis. By working closely with our customers we are helping to divert textile material from landfill.

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