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by comodore 4ever old-timer (1:26pm est tue mar 30 2004) i remember the timex/sinclair i got one as a hand-me-down (with the 16k ram modules and flightsimulator on cassette). Later got a ti99/4a whoa! Graduated to the commodore64 and spent hours typing in basic and machine language programs. Many, many years before i got a real pc, but i still play with the emulators. by eters zipslack memories (2:01pm est tue mar 30 2004) my first was a timex sinclair zx-81 that i put together from a kit. Sure, i'd futzed around with apple 's for a couple of years before then at the local apple dealer, but then i saw the c-64 and saved up half and my parents put up the other half ( took me about a year ). I had that thing for ages, with a side detour to a zx spectrum ( almost bought the timex-sinclair color onecan't remember the model # ). Then there was the amiga 1000, multi-taskingin 1985! Those were the daysthen i discovered protect-mode on a 286 and this weird thing i haven't been able to get off of my shoeanyone have some windows cleaner? by marcelo trash-80 (2:08pm est tue mar 30 2004) trs-80 here too i still have a working model 100 laptop filled with scott adam's text adventures. by rikostan ti 994a (2:27pm est tue mar 30 2004) my dad spent 700 on a 16k texas instruments 99-4a. We had the speech synthesizer, a tape deck for saving programs and a half-dozen games, including a chess game.

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by err ohio scientific challenger series ii (12:54pm est tue mar 30 2004) 1978, ram was 4kb, rom was 8kb. Used the 6502 processor. Fun for hours coding in basic while staring at old black and white tv used as monitor and stored data to old audio cassette player. by jigsawman vic-20 (1:04pm est tue mar 30 2004) my dad bought the family a vic-20 and datasette cassette drive and a host of game cartridges. My brothers and i spent hours programming it with games from magazines. My oldest brother bought his first pc thuis an atari-st. I was the next to buy an amiga 1000 which i still own. by bloodaxe sounds like a lot of vic-20s (1:23pm est tue mar 30 2004) i still have mine, and occasionally fire up my favorite game, radar ratrace. I always wondered how my dad could be annoyed at the sound- i thought it was awesome. Now i know better.

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1995 (when i upgraded to an aptiva) it still worked just fine. by :o) my first computer(s) (12:33pm est tue mar 30 2004) i remember my very first computer, it was a vic-20. Even then i remember drooling over the upgrade path for the vic. I remember saving up for the radio shack (if my memory is somewhat correct) pc-4. It's like the one egon had in ghostbusters strapped to his chest. Had like 2k of memory, upgradable to a huge 8k or something like that. I also got an epson geneva px-8 portable(still have it)with the 64k upgrage. What a slammin laptop that was. by lonewulf atari 800 (12:52pm est tue mar 30 2004) i used my bar mitzva money to buy a 1200.00 atari 800 with a tape drive and 8k of memoriesbut when i popped in the star raiders rom it was all worth iti had. Today i have the much faster atari st emulator on my palm tungsten cwhoai wish i could go back in time and show the younger me what i have todayi am sure that the younger me would be freaked.

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I had no clue what a computer was. I age 12 started programming on intel 286 in school. It had a puzzle game or something. In 1 year the damn thing died. Vic-20 (12:15pm est tue mar 30 2004) the family bought a vic-20 and datasette cassette drive and the lunar lander game cartridge. And we decollete spent hours programming that thing with the games from the magazines. Later we picked up an atari 800 on clearance for me to play with, and finally i got the improved c-64 so that i could play the games all my friends were playing. Used that through high school when i got the hot off the presses 386-25, with this new svga stuff, and a whopping 2 mb of ram. I was the envy of the computer geeks let me tell you. by ahhh good times atari 400 (12:15pm est tue mar 30 2004) upgraded to 48kb ram and with a hacked port to allow a cherry keyboard to be connected off the side. Initially, cassette storage and cartridges moved to ram floppy drive with a whopping 180kp double-density storage per side. And, of course, i hacked the floppies to use the second side the best pac-man ever made was for the atari 400 series.

It loaded the 8k os in about 15 minutes. I remember lusting after the 16k memory board for the low, low price of 500. by old timer trs-80 ruled (12:10pm est tue mar 30 2004) still have 2 working models at my summer cottage. Re: trash 80 sinclair spectrum pwned! I'm pretty sure i have every rom / cover / emu / doc that was ever released for. Actually there was quite alot. Actually it takes up just over a gig of space: woot! (12:14pm est tue mar 30 2004) i had a commodore 16. You plugged in cartridges. I had no clue how to operate that damn thing.

Now i'm a web developer. Thanks coco3 for the inspiration! by martin ti 99 / 4a (11:59am est tue mar 30 2004) i was 3 and i dumped water on it becasue it got to hot when i played it all day. It dried out and i found it 8 years later in my grandma's basement and it still worked! Lots of hunt the wumpas and pacman and basic programming on that thing! Funny thing is my ti-89 calculator is more powerful now, although not in color or attachable to my tv by ti rulez atari 400 (12:01pm est tue mar 30 2004) that was the model with the membrane keyboard and 16k of ram. I also had the cassette tape recorder (410, i think). by eric hanneken poly 88 (12:05pm est tue mar 30 2004) i had one of the first home computers way back in 1976. A polymorphic systems 88 (with an intel 8080a processor). We had a b w tv as a monitor and a radio shack cassette deck as hard storage.

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And having them stored next to chalkboards didn't do the disk drives much good by omnitron coco 3 (11:40am est tue mar 30 2004) i still remember playing with my coco 3 back in the days. Ahhh the cassette recorder, dedicated analog joystick ports, and the dot matrix printers those were the days. by squirrel first computer(s) (11:56am est tue mar 30 2004) got started with a converted rca studio ii video gamebought a cartridge kit that allowed it to be a simple computer. Used the two built-in 10 button keypads as a hex keyboard (all of one and part of the other. Think there was about 256 bytes of memmory available. This was followed by a heathkit 3400a, timex 1000, ti 99/4a, c-64, c128, c128d, and apple iic by somewhat oldtimer first computer (11:56am est tue mar 30 2004) hhmmm well i am a bit younger so my first computer was a toshiba laptop. Sorry, but a celeron is never top of the line my first wad a laser 128. And i still have it by esqin color computer 3 (11:56am est tue mar 30 2004) my first computer was the tandy color computer. Started out with the cassette recorder, then moved up to the 5 1/4 floppy. That drive was a beast. Got myself hooked on programming and spent hours typing in code. I loved netelroos it and have been programming ever since. aptiva cosmetics

I spent hours each day typing in programs from ahoy and computes gazette magazines and even wrote a program to figure my net pay from pizza hut. Now i have a c64 emulator on my pocket pc best and can relive the memories by playing beach head, karateka, pitstop and all the old favorites. Long live commodore by yvesrn apple (11:26am est tue mar 30 2004) i remember seeing a friend writing programs on the trs-80 while i was on my apple clone (franklin ace 100 ugh). I was amazed how easily he could program graphics, especially circles. It didn't take much to impress me back then. by mankey commodore sx-64 (11:34am websites est tue mar 30 2004) the portable version of the commodore 64 (sx) is the one i had. In fact i still have it on my desk with boxes and boxes of 5 1/4 disks. Never have been able to let it go or sell. The built in 4 inch screen and 64k of ram is just too cool. I've also got a 2 foot stack of the gazette magazine by marty trs-80 (11:35am est tue mar 30 2004) i taught myself computing on a trs-80. I have to admit they were good as long as you treated them well. When i went to college they had a poor rep because no one knew what to do with them.

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Wrote a my college essay. Went to college and graduated to a fat mac (512k) which i still have in my parents' garage. The adam still is there, but doubt it will fire. Have always been partial to nonstandard computers -i still use my psion netbook and series 5mx. by docpark my first computer (11:17am est tue mar 30 2004) plexr hhmmm well i am a bit younger so my first computer was a toshiba laptop. Intel celeron 400, 32mb ram, 6 gig. It was top of the line in 1999. by boywonder commodore 64 (11:21am est tue mar 30 2004) come. The commodore 64 was the king of the hill, the 800 lbs gorilla with a whopping 64k ram. I first had a cassete tape deck, and later a 5 1/4 disk drive only after i got my grades back.

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My neighbor tried real hard to run his business with. I dicked with the sinclair too. Best i could do was 'guess my number' by 8 bit boy my first computer mc10 (11:05am est tue mar 30 2004) my first was the radio shack mc-10. A colour computer that connected to your. 4k of schoonheidsspecialiste ram, cassette hookup for saving files, expansion slots for joysticks, and memory add-ons. I think the most it could handle was 20k of ram. It was very portable about the size of a school text book. ) by abarter trs 80 model 3 (11:07am est tue mar 30 2004) i spent about 900 for it in 1982. It had a tape deck and a whopping 4k of ram. by western washington 2 adam (11:09am est tue mar 30 2004) the first computer that i ever owned was the adam which had the advantage of being decollete able to play coleco carts, had a noisy daisy wheel printer, great word processor, 72k of memory (!). It was killed by its proprietary tape drive which was kind of neat but very slow. Using the basic that came with it, i programmed life and let it evolve over days.

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A review of the gezicht radio shack trs-80 Model 102 -. Blurb, a review of the radio shack trs-80 Model 102. By, matt Miller.30.2004 : 10:53am edt.30.2004, this site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. The gadgeteer posted a nostalgic review of the radio shack trs-80 model 102 portable computer this device would probably be considered a handheld pc today. The review prompted me to think about my first computer, the timex sinclair 1000. At 13 i worked as a stock boy in a small rural town in the foothills of western washington for us2 an hour. We received two sinclairs at the store, and i saved up like crazy to buy one at 100. I bought it and the thermal printer, and was a hit with my friends since i was the only one with a computer back in 1982. I wish i would have held onto that thing now. What was your first computer? User comments 56 comment(s) trash 80 (11:02am est tue mar 30 2004) my favorite part was the external casette recorder/backup.

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'k zou het niet weten! 'maar jammer is 't wel.' terwijl ik hem herlees, voel ik mij voor de eerste keer een beetje wees. "É preciso evitar que nenhum outro microorganismo se instale, por isso o aparelho de alta frequência é considerado antibactericida e antifungicida, que ajuda na cicatrização explica a profissional. ( Dus als die mercedes voor jou, naar vis ruikt is dat omdat ie rijdt op mijn afgewerkte frituurolie) Nadat de visjes gefruit zijn, deze even laten uitdruipen op een stukje keukenpapier en serveer ze direct, bestrooid met wat fijn zout (en/of knoflookpoeder) en geef.

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